Who we are?

The Royal Canadian Legion

The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit, dues-supported organization. The Royal Canadian Legion receives no financial assistance from any outside agency nor the Government of Canada.


To Canadians, The Royal Canadian Legion is the foremost national organization that honours military service, promotes remembrance and provides valuable support and services to military and RCMP Veterans, their families and communities.


  •  Serving Veterans - The Royal Canadian Legion pays tribute to the service Veterans have provided to their country by providing important services to them, their families and communities. Our members believe in giving back, and our volunteer efforts are critical to making a positive impact on Veterans, their families and communities.
  • Remembrance - The Royal Canadian Legion honours Veterans by commemorating military service and the sacrifices made to protect Canadians and citizens of other countries, and memorializing the end of wars, conflicts and missions. We ensure Veterans' service is given the utmost respect and dignity, and never forgotten.
  • Community - The Royal Canadian Legion is dedicated to serving and supporting communities as a whole. We strive to bring people together, strengthen support networks, and ensure Veterans and their families never feel alone


Executive Council Officers Members (2019-2021)


Jerry Lava

Past President

Ronn Anderson

1st Vice President

Ernie Tester

Vice President

Robert Cutbush

Vice President

Don Lemon

Vice President

Wayne Baker

Honorary Treasurer

Rick Bennett


Bette Vance

Sergeant At Arms

Ken Arsenault



District Commander 1 North

Bob Penner

District Commander 1 South

George Fisher

District Commander 2

Joan Wright

District Commander 3

Gale Collinson

District Commander 4

Phil Otis

District Commander 5

Ken Morley

District Commander 6

Gail Conrad Davey

District Commander 7

Ed Murray

District Commander 8

Gary MacDonald

Honorary Chaplain

Rev. Cathy Giroux

Honorary Chaplain

Father Bringleson

Honorary Chaplain Rev. Chuck Ross



Legion Magazine Correspondent for MBNWO

George Romick 

Provincial Executive Director/Service Officer

Dawn Golding


General Enquiries


Command Office Staff

Provincial Executive Director

Dawn Golding 


Service Officer

Dawn Golding 



General Enquiries 


Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario Command
The Royal Canadian Legion
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Winnipeg, MB R2M 3L6


Tel.: 204-233-3405