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Fort Garry branch #90 in Winnipeg





Ed Jones is an Air Force and Coast Guard veteran and Royal Canadian Legion member recently moved from Ontario to Sanford, Manitoba.


He has a grandson, Mitchell Steele, of whom he is most proud. Mitchell, 13, attends St. Charles school, and is also reportedly one heck of a hockey player, among his other talents and interests. And one of those interests is helping others. With friends and family, he has been collecting and saving pull tabs from beverage cans since 2019 and has amassed over 50,000 of them so far. While many people don't give these pull tabs a second thought, Mitchell has planned to donate them to the Tabs for Wheelchairs program.


Fort Garry Legion Branch #90 on Pembina Highway was happy to receive and recognize this donation from Mitchell and will forward them on to Trailblazers Life Choices in Windsor Park, the main collection sight for the city. It is a huge collective effort and every little bit helps.


Ed was willing to serve his country in the past and now his grandson, Mitchell, has picked up the peacetime battle cry to help the less fortunate in the present.


Congratulations go out to Mitchell for all his time, effort and devotion to this worthwhile cause.


Mitchell Steele
Collected 50,000 tabs
Jim Milne (IPP), Allyson Sparkes,
Mitchell Steele and Ed Jones (grandfather)


"Tabs for Wheelchairs started in 1998. It now has more than 100 schools, about 200 businesses and community groups and hundreds of individuals participating. Millions of tabs are collected to purchase one wheelchair." (Information taken from the Trailblazers Life Choices website at tlcwpg.ca)